More puppy madness

I’m taking far too many pictures of Megan, so rather than fill my entire blog with puppy action I’ve started uploading the pics to Flickr instead.

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Excellent work sir, some cute pictures of a doggie frolicking in snow are exactly what I require to make the girlfriend go ‘oooowwww’ and forget for the time being that I am in Glasgow and not with her in manchester.

Although the phrase ‘I want one!’ does seem to have started entering our conversations more often than I might like recently…

And eternally grateful I am for that too, but there is nothing that I can do to stop her colleagues e-mailing round picces of their newly born infants round the office. Doggie pics are a useful distraction in this event too…

Perhaps this is why I feel slightly ashamed everytime I use the phrase ‘look, a puppy!’ ;-)

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