More Google censorship

This time it’s video, according to Andrew Orlowski at the Register:

The internet search giant’s video service is blocking US viewers from seeing an innocuous piece of Iraq footage that Google delivers to internet users in the rest of the world without any problems…

Google has little cause to prohibit the clip on grounds of taste – after all, under the banner of promoting “citizens media”, it cheerfully serves up “happy slapping” footage of school thugs beating up science students, and some impressive ejaculation shots from porn videos.

Paul points out that the no-US thing was the uploader’s choice, not Google’s. And he has a link to prove it.





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  1. Bzzt, wrong. The text in the grab says the provider of the video hasn’t authorised Google to display the video in the US. The provider being the person who uploaded it.

  2. Ooh, interesting. That you can be arsed with Boing Boing, I mean ;)

  3. I found the link via Google ;)

  4. Much more of this and my brain will explode.

  5. Hmmm, this gives me an idea…

    1. Create a video of eg your dogs cavorting.

    2. Call it “GWB acting like a total ‘tard: HILARIOUS!!”

    3. Upload it to Google, setting the country preference to disallow US downloads.

    4. Sit back and enjoy fireworks.