Happy shagging – the next toothing “craze”?

Remember toothing, the “craze” that was apparently sweeping the nation as people used their bluetooth phones to locate potential partners for no-strings sex? Despite being widely reported, it was a hoax.

This story reminded me of it: apparently “randy teens” have “sparked a new craze”, which has been dubbed “happy shagging”.

According to the Daily Snack, which comes from the same stable as that bastion of investigative journalism, the Daily Star:

Instead of swapping clips of people being beaten up, teens are now eyeing up steamy romps.

The phone orgies even have a street-slang name – “daisy chains”.

So what’s the evidence?

Health workers in south London were tipped off about the craze by a parent who found a sex film on their child’s mobile.

8 thoughts on “Happy shagging – the next toothing “craze”?

  1. Gary says:

    > Corner. Pointy hat. NOW!


    BTW, thanks for that disc – I am a very bad man for not emailing to say “ta”. I forgot and will rue that fact for the rest of my life. Or for a few more minutes, anyway.

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