Happy shagging – the next toothing “craze”?

Remember toothing, the “craze” that was apparently sweeping the nation as people used their bluetooth phones to locate potential partners for no-strings sex? Despite being widely reported, it was a hoax.

This story reminded me of it: apparently “randy teens” have “sparked a new craze”, which has been dubbed “happy shagging”.

According to the Daily Snack, which comes from the same stable as that bastion of investigative journalism, the Daily Star:

Instead of swapping clips of people being beaten up, teens are now eyeing up steamy romps.

The phone orgies even have a street-slang name – “daisy chains”.

So what’s the evidence?

Health workers in south London were tipped off about the craze by a parent who found a sex film on their child’s mobile.





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  1. I was just thinking the other day: who other than the tabloids uses the word “romp”?

  2. Posh people buying a ramp?

  3. Corner. Pointy hat. NOW!

    So, this isn’t young folks running up to you in the street and copping off a quickie? Shame. I think.

  4. > Corner. Pointy hat. NOW!


    BTW, thanks for that disc – I am a very bad man for not emailing to say “ta”. I forgot and will rue that fact for the rest of my life. Or for a few more minutes, anyway.

  5. I blame the guy who created the Hot Coffee mod for Grand Theft Auto.

  6. > Posh people buying a ramp?

    That would be a “remp”. What kind of crazy speech-impaired posh people do you have?

  7. One day I will suss out how to get iDVD to author and image for me to burn on the linux box. It just keeps getting stroppy with me.

  8. richie

    Sorry but what self respecting teenager doesn’t have porn on their video phones these days?