Glasgow’s sick kids hospital needs PS2s

I don’t normally post this kind of stuff but Yorkhill Hospital’s a national treasure, and I know that some of you lovely people have games industry contacts.

From the Evening Times:

GAMES consoles have been stolen from a hospital ward for sick kids in Glasgow.

Nurses on Yorkhill’s ward 4B discovered a number of items missing recently.

There is now only one games console left on the surgical receiving ward.

And the remaining system has to be shared between more than a dozen patients who are in for surgery or are being treated for severe burns.

Now nurses at the hospital have launched a fundraising drive to replace the PlayStations and video games.

If any of you have an “in” at Sony or at anywhere else that might be able to help, can you spread the word? Cheers.





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  1. david

    I’ll ask Joystiq if they’ll run it.

  2. Lovely. Thanks. It strikes me as a win-win for anyone who gets involved: kids get PS2s and games, firms get nice fluffy publicity. And happy kids.

  3. This is a very common problem in hospitals. People just walk in and take stuff. There’s sod all security, and, perhaps surprisingly, the NHS have no insurance.

  4. Doesn’t say much for human nature does it? What a pathetic and selfish bunch we are.

    I’m surprised that more places aren’t falling over themselves to donate to something like this.

  5. david

    Mailed the register too.

    Neither’ll probably come to owt but worth a try.

  6. I’ve passed the story link onto a couple of people at Sony Computer Entertainment.

  7. david

    Don’t future do a couple of playstation mags? Also might be worth saying to MSFT – good marketing thing to replace them with xbox 360s. ;-)

  8. david’s put it up. Wanting details of who to contact to help. Could someone find out and leave a note in their comments?

  9. Have done, and I’ve mailed robert from Penny Arcade (who was asking for contact deets).

    Paul, thanks for chinning SCE.

    This could turn out to be very groovy :)

  10. tm

    >the NHS have no insurance.

    Costs to much. Cheaper just to bank some of the money you would have spent and pay up if something happens. Strathclyde council used to do the same – it costs much more to insure *all* your schools against burning down than it does to rebuild the few that actually do get gutted and repair the ones the fire brigade get to in time. That’s the theory anyway, wether it works in practice…

  11. david

    I lied about not being on the PC. :-)

    You posted on Jockrock et al yet? I’ve posted it on MoDaCo – a mainly UK Windows Mobile site with over 120,000 registered members. The Register hasn’t replied yet. I emailed the bbc news website too to see if they’d mention it too.

  12. david

    It’s kind of cool. A bloke posted on Joystiq saying that instead of trading in his PS2 he donated it instead. :-)

    My world view is improving.

  13. My world view is improving.

    Mine too. Although it’s interesting that the assumption is that it’s a “despicable bloke” who snuck in and made off with all the PlayStations. I had assumed it was kids who played them while they were in hospital and then took them home with them when they left.

  14. I suspect it’s relatives rather than the kids themselves :)

  15. I’m really happy about the way this seems to be turning out. It almost compensates for having to clean up puppy piss at 6am this morning.

  16. Late riser, is she?

    > Cheaper just to bank some of the money you would have spent and pay up if something happens.

    Depends how often it happens. I obviously have no access to their actual figures, but I’m betting this is a lot less cost-efficient for them now than it was thirty years ago.

  17. > Late riser, is she?