Things that aren’t real

In no particular order:

* The download speed advertised by your broadband provider
* The speed listed on your Wi-Fi kit
* The battery life quoted by hardware manufacturers
* The 4x speed increase if you move from a Powerbook to a MacBook Pro
* The 2x speed increase if you take an intel iMac over a G5 iMac
* The song capacity on any MP3-style player
* Leprechauns





0 responses to “Things that aren’t real”

  1. >>The song capacity on any MP3-style player

    Yeah, all mp3 player manufacturers must be smelly prog fans. I’ve always managed at least 25% more than their predicted number of songs.

  2. Really? I’ve found the opposite: the quoted capacity tends to be based on ultra-low sampling rates – I’ve seen the small print suggest bitrates as low as 64Kbps – and proprietary file formats. If you go for anything half-decent, the capacity disappears dramatically. Most of the stuff on my iPod mini is 3-minute pop songs, and on a good day I can stuff 600 in there rather than the suggested 1,000.

    Mind you, if all songs were the length of Vatican Broadside you could easily double a player’s capacity.

  3. 3 minutes? Homeric…

  4. You’re far too well-read for this blog, you know.