Technology will save us from drudgery: BillMonk

BillMonk is a new “social money” site that solves a really big problem: reminding people that they owe you money.

Here’s how things worked in the bad old pre-internet days:

YOU: OK, I’ll get the bill this time. It’s your shout next time.


YOU: Hey, you owe me money! Give me it now or I’ll break your legs!

Not good enough! You need Internet Power!

Here’s how it works with BillMonk:

* Sign up to BillMonk
* Enter details of the bill
* Enter the email addresses of the people who owe money towards the bill
* Billmonk emails them
* They sign up to BillMonk
* They can see how much they owe you
* They pay you some or all of the money
* You log back into BillMonk and note the payment
* BillMonk reduces the owed amount accordingly
* You wonder why you don’t have any friends any more

Stay tuned for my own Web 2.0 venture,

7 replies on “Technology will save us from drudgery: BillMonk”

Yep, sorry Gary – it’s always the bloke’s turn. Bad backs and gammy legs (such as my bloke’s) and all.


That’s actually a dead useful site. Sign up, wait a short while, and then claim that that’s why I have no friends. Better than my usual “because I’m a curmudgeonly git” reason.

There seems to be something missing in the description, between the step “Billmonk emails them” and “They sign up to Billmonk”. Something like “Billmonk kidnaps their firstborn” or something. Otherwise why would anyone sign up?

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