Rowr rowr rowr

This is Megan, a 10-week-old black Lab retriever and a new addition to the Marshall household. Right now she’s a bundle of fur and sleep, but it’s just a matter of time before she reveals her true identity as Megan The Merciless, Destroyer of Furniture.





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  1. It’s a Lab, give it a few years and it’ll turn into a seal.

  2. That’d be cool :)

  3. Monty’s decided that Destroyer Of Furniture isn’t good enough for him. He is The Destroyer Of Cars. Annoyingly. And he smells like old unwashed socks. And this morning he pissed a small lake into our kitchen. Dogs are such a joy.

    Megan’s lovely. You must be so happy. Vic wants to trade ours in now.

  4. > Dogs are such a joy.

    Don’t forget the howling.

  5. More photos! More photos!

  6. richie

    She’s just a wee bundle off fluff. Anymore shoes been chewed up yet?

  7. All of them. And most of the doors. And my ears.

  8. Puppies just love shoes. Phoebe ate, if I recall correctly, about 40 pairs.

    And it’s amazing what strength can be in such small jaws.

  9. Definitely. And how much crap can be in such a small stomach.

    The downside to choosing a dog because she’s clearly smart is that she constantly outwits you. At least she’s small enough to boss around just now :)

  10. You probably already know this, but Important Dog-Training Fact: regularly hold and restrain her for no particular reason while she’s still little. She will learn that you’re too strong for her, and will remember that when she’s bigger.

    Phoebe never much tried to outwit us, thank God. Hugely intelligent, but also very eager to please.

    When I was walking them last night, I met a woman with a rescued ex-racing greyhound. It was such a lovely dog: very docile and calm — not how you think of greyhounds at all. She said they’re all like that: if they’ve been working for a few years, they decide they’re damned if they’re going to do any more running after they’ve retired. She also said the dog had never seen a toy when she got it. That’s so sad.

  11. Good tip, thanks.

    Yeah, greyhounds are completely different from what you’d expect. Racing ones have very sad lives, and they’re hard to rehome because everyone believes they need to sprint 80 hours a day. In reality, they’re lazy sods.