17 thoughts on “Nifty photoshop tutorial

  1. Gary says:

    Pfft. I’ve posted it because of the photoshop skillz, not because of needing a life. Had it been the latter, I’d have uploaded my Girls Aloud photo collection :)

  2. Carlton says:

    What’s more interesting is that, if you read their blog, they are trying to better their previous attempt at being dugg (digg’d?).

  3. Chrissy says:

    For your information, Jessica Alba don’t need any photoshop to look cute..
    Worlds hottest woman.

  4. mupwangle says:

    No, she’s a piece of the worlds hottest woman.

    The worlds hottest woman is 39 foot tall and has many, many legs.

  5. mupwangle says:

    Flaming Hot is a type of Monster Munch.

    Boiling Hot is a type of bath my wife thinks is bearable.

    She is hot as in “WORLDS HOTTEST WOMAN”. Totally unrelated hotness.

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