Email down, again

Either 1&1 Internet (my host) or 123reg (my domain registrar) is broken.


At least I don’t need email to get my work done! o noes! I do!!!!!!!





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  1. David

    Mailforwarding is still working from 123reg so I assume it is 1&1. Unless 123’s pop boxes are goosed, mind you.


  2. Yeah, problem seems to be at 1&1 – stuff’s very slowly trickling through, but there’s a big backlog. I’ve sent a couple of test messages, of which there’s no sign, and they don’t seem to be bouncing.

  3. 1&1 are possibly the worst hosting company in the world.

  4. I really don’t think they are: I’ve been using them for years and, billing nonsense aside, they’re generally pretty good for the money.

    Hate them today, mind…

  5. I’ve never had a serious problem with them. And, whenever Gary’s 1and1 email goes down, mine doesn’t. Their webmail does stink, admittedly, but I’ve got such a great phone these days that webmail isn’t that important to me anymore.

  6. Yeah my test emails to my 1&1 account arent coming through on the POP servers. I rang their technical support to find out what happened. The polite indian chap on the phone read from his prompts that it was a ‘web mail’ issue & that would stop the POP emails from coming through.

    Dismayed at the drivel i was hearing he said he’d put me on high priority to get sorted. I’ll give it 24-48hrs & if not i’ll be complaining in writing!

  7. Gary

    It seems to be working OK for me now – even webmail – but of course there’s know way of knowing that a particular message hasn’t got through if you don’t know it’s missing. I do think complaining is a good idea – but to customer services, not tech support.

  8. Looking carefully at the dates on these, I can see that my comment is plainly wrong. Why, on January 30th, 2006, I said that 1&1 were awful. Gary and S2 disagreed. And as if to prove them right, on Feb 1st Gary says everything is fine!

    Er, but, that’s February 1st, 2007. So it only took them a year to fix it.

    I stand by my original comment.

  9. Gary

    Heh. But during that period the hosting was fine and dandy.

    /loud crash
    /site disappears

  10. They may well be a fine hosting company: I probably shouldn’t have used the word “hosting” in my comment, as I have never used their hosting services. I once registered a domain for a client through them, and found the whole process immensely taxing and dispiriting. Basically their website design sucked big time, and may well continue to do so today: I haven’t been back to check. I now use UKReg (aka Fasthosts) for my .uk domains, and somebody else entirely for hosting.