This would be a good time to buy an Xbox

Not a 360, but the old, “obsolete” model. Game’s flogging a brand new Xbox with a copy of Far Cry Instincts for ninety quid, which is a pretty significant saving (and a pretty decent game), and there are various other bundles on offer including an identically priced King Kong game bundle. Unlike the 360 there’s loads of games for the Xbox, and thanks to the combination of eBay and game exchange programmes in gaming shops and even video shops, you can pick up pre-owned games for pennies. I’d particularly recommend Half-Life 2, which has frequently made me think “I’m amazed that this game’s a console game”, and Halo/Halo 2.

It might not be sexy – strike that. It isn’t sexy at all, it’s horrible, hideous and loud – but the Xbox is incredibly cheap for what you get, and its multiplayer support means even the oldest game gets a new lease of life on the interwebs. And as the current crop of games shows, there’s life in the old dog yet.