Pros and cons of a Mac Mini media centre

I decided to turn my Mac Mini into a music server for my living room. Yay me.

The good:

You can use it as an iTunes music server to transmit music to other macs in the house.
You can watch iTunes visualisations on the TV.
You can muck around with digital photos on your TV.
It’s very neat, very quiet and looks great.
It stores more music than an iPod.

The bad:

It can’t handle video. It’s too jerky, even at small sizes.
My TV has a weird resolution so displays VGA input in 4:3 aspect ratio. [Edit: I’ve found a way to make it work in widescreen. Hurrah.]
It really, really, really needs a remote control.
iTunes visualisations get really annoying really quickly.
You feel like a pathetic Mac geek for having a Mac under the telly.