Merry Christmas, everyone

I’m putting the computer away soon to embark on a cleaning frenzy, and then to do some last-minute DIY. What could possibly go wrong?

I hope Santa’s good to you all. Have a good Christmas.





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  1. Vic’s off to see Rod Stewart tonight, in a corporate box with food and booze laid on, paid for by her work. So that I don’t get bored, she’s generously allowing me to do the hoovering while she’s out.

    Merry Christmas.

  2. Happy Christmas, Gary — and everyone else :)

  3. tm

    Merry Christmas mate, and to anyone else who might be daft enough to be viewing this site.

    BTW do you know that the comment counts on your site seem to go a bit nuts under firefox?

  4. russmas

    Pre-emptive strike time… all the best for 2006. I wish you all a great new year. Let the whisky flow and let all your chocolate not be eaten by rodents (invited or uninvited).

    Coal, shortbread, black bun, and whisky shall you know me by!