Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1989

It’s the news every Scot’s been waiting for: the line-up for Glasgow’s official Hogmanay celebrations. And the big attractions are…. Deacon Blue and Hue & Cry.

And people wonder why Glaswegians get drunk at New Year.

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I saw Hue & Cry on the telly not long ago. I was singing along to song I vaguely remembered and realised who it was. I do still love Deacon Blue though, reminds me of the good old days before children and bills.

> Hue & Cry? Is that the merger of the relics of Huey Louis and the News, and Tears for Fears?

Oh no, much worse than that. “Looking for Linda” was their big hit. It was pretty appalling.

> Why aren’t Simple Minds playing?

They brought out a new album last month. Nobody bought it.

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