Three to five days, my arse

My Powerbook woes continue: I put it into my local AppleCentre on 21 October, after being assured that it would take 3-5 days to diagnose the fault, 3-5 days to order the bit, and 3-5 days to fix it. It’s 3 November and so far, an engineer hasn’t even looked at it yet. Oh well, at least it’s not a business machine that I depend on for a living or anything. Er…

Later that day…

Okay, I’ll stop whingeing – I got a letter from the AppleCentre (a letter? They had my phone numbers and email address. Grr…) and they’ve diagnosed the fault. It needs… an inverter board! There’s a shock! Still, it’s only going to cost £98, so I’m not too unhappy. Unless it takes six weeks to fit the bugger.