Sony: no more second-hand games

It’s pure speculation so far, but it seems that Sony might be planning to prevent gamers from running pre-owned games. Yep, it’s a DRM story again, albeit one based on interpreting a patent that may or may not refer to games (it might refer to movies on Blu-Ray). However, if it does refer to games, The Inquirer says:

While many are aware of the double profit companies make on pre-owned games, this would ensure the death of trading games between friends and even going to a friend’s house to play a little multiplayer.

Sony wouldn’t be that stupid. Would it?

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Of course they wouldn’t! That would be like destroying your hardware market lead just to pander to the control-freakery of the content division. It will never happen! Look at how the hardware division stood firm when it came to defending the, the, what was it called, that portable music thingie Sony used to make? Walkie-something?

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