No fun

Bloody hell, did I get out of the wrong side of the bed and wake up in the dark ages? From today’s Evening Times:

COUCH-potato Britons whose unhealthy lifestyles make them ill should be penalised when it comes to medical treatment, according to a new survey.
One in three people wants financial penalties slapped on people who smoke, drink and are obese.

A severe one in 10 people in Britain takes the hard-line view that smokers and drinkers who become ill should be refused treatment altogether.

The study from Bupa also revealed 44% of Britons feel the Government should be most responsible for looking after their health.

Britons say they want more nannying from the Government on health advice, not less, with four in 10 wanting even more lifestyle guidance.

While three quarters believe the Government should introduce annual health screenings for all adults, almost half believe the taxes should rise on cigarettes and alcohol.