I don’t understand the Evening Times

I’m baffled by the Evening Times web site, which takes a really weird approach to the Net (the Evening Times is Glasgow’s nightly newspaper).

It used to work like this: if you logged on after 2pm, you’d be able to read that day’s edition. If you logged on before 2pm, you’d still see the previous day’s edition.

A few months ago, that changed slightly – presumably to protect early evening sales. The update was moved to 5pm, so pre-5pm you had yesterday’s paper.

Now, it’s changed again. Updates are still at 5pm, but yesterday’s news is gone. Instead, you have a selection of today’s headlines, which won’t be clickable until 5pm.

I really don’t see the point. Either publish online or don’t: this “no content in the afternoons, not even old stuff” is just weird.