“Holy f—ing shit”

Scary stuff on the Something Awful forums. From Yahoo news:

William Freund, described as a loner, used a 12-gauge shotgun Saturday to kill a neighbor and her father, who lived just 100 yards away, police said. Freund then fired into a separate house and aimed his gun at another neighbor before returning home and committing suicide.

It turns out he’d been hanging around the SA Forums, asking for advice on self-defence stuff and different types of shot. As one SA poster wrote:

Okay. Deep breaths guys. Did we make fun of an autistic kid, tell him where he can find buckshot, then laughed about it?

Oh, shit.

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  1. Theresa

    William Freund’s deadly rampage may have been triggered by an antipsychotic medication that he was reportedly taking, Geodon. He had mentioned on WrongPlanet.net that he didn’t like being on the medication and that he had felt happier before he was taking it. It is usually prescribed to treat the symptoms of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Some people have reported having violent urges/thoughts while taking Geodon — here’s some quotes from another forum >>


    “I have a son on Geodone, I know this one is fairly new, but I am woundering if anyone is having problems with irritability, violent behavior and inability to think rashly….”

    “I have been on Geodon 80mg twice a day for 9 days now. I am having violent behaviors,and I know it sounds weird but when I am dreaming, I can not tell if my dream was something I did or if it was a dream. It is really runing my life. Please I want to know if this is something from this medication or what I need to do.”

    “I have been taking Geodon for the last month and just stopped. This last month I have experienced three Rage Episodes. During the episodes I wanted to kill or maim loved ones and family members. I could actually visualize the distruction. I was extreemely frightened. Turning the Rage outward put my family in jeopardy and turning the Rage inward put my life at risk. It took all my self-control to prevent the violence. I was unaware that I was capable of experiencing such intense violent emotions.”

  2. Wow. Thanks for the link – it’s scary stuff.