Five reasons why I won’t be buying an Xbox 360 on Friday, even though I really want one

The price will fall in a few months.

There aren’t any second-hand games yet, which means even a modest games library will cost a fortune.

Half-Life 2 on plain ol’ Xbox is incredibly good.

I’m broke.

I forgot to pre-order one.





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  1. david

    If you do happen to be tempted then have buyer’s remorse then I know someone who can take it off your hands. ;-)

    >>I forgot to pre-order one

    Yeah, like that helps you get one. :-(

  2. I noticed that Argos is advertising the original Xbox at £100 off now. How gutted would you be if you asked your parents for an Xbox for Christmas and they got you one of those?

  3. david

    Tesco store allocations have been leaked. They’re getting 1100 nationally. ASDA about the same. Bum.

  4. Yup: “Many Tesco outlets are opening their queuing systems at 4pm today … with even the largest flagship stores receiving only ten units each”

  5. david

    They’re going on ebay for over £600 atm.

  6. Anonymous

    I am an extremely sad man. I’m sick so I’ve been in bed almost all day so I’ve now got insomnia.

    I’m seriously considering going to PC World. Like, now.

    I need my head read. :-(

  7. david

    I’ve just bought one. I’m very sad.

  8. Where did you find one then?

  9. david


    I’m considering writing to complain to either them or MS. It was the Core system but they forced you to buy 3 games minimum at £50 each when stores within a mile or so were selling the same games at RRP which was £45 for most.

  10. That’s ridiculous.