Edge: why games are rubbish

There’s a good feature in this month’s Edge where four comedy writers who also play game  talk about how games are often rubbish.

Among other things they point out the woeful voice acting – with Max Payne getting a deserved verbal kicking – and the way some games manage to irritate you so much that you throw them in a corner and never play them again. Worth reading, if you can find a copy (more of that later: I’m finding it increasingly difficult to find magazines, and not just in supermarkets either).





0 responses to “Edge: why games are rubbish”

  1. I enjoyed that one too.

    I thought it was a shame that they spent so much time on the poor quality of acting rather than exploring other issues, but then again its understandable as most of them are actors too.

  2. Yeah, it’s a shame there wasn’t more space. Brooker in particular was very quiet, or at least quiet by his usual standards.