Amazon: computer says no

My brother ordered an Xbox 360 from Amazon quite some time ago, and was given a delivery date of early December. Then his Xbox blew up, so he decided to edit the order slightly and pay for first class delivery rather than super saver delivery, which takes slightly longer. No problem, said Amazon. Your delivery date is now 19 February.

I don’t know the exact words my brother used at this point, but they’re not hard to imagine.

According to Amazon, whenever you edit an order – to change your card details, to upgrade from free delivery to first class delivery, to add gift wrap, whatever – their system treats it as a brand new order. It doesn’t tell you that before, during or after the edit, and if you try and complain you get some really patronising emails. Hurrah for online customer service.





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  1. Hmmm… slightly off topic here so apologies…. your brother’s xbox blew up and ours is starting to show the “Your xbox needs a service” message just in time for them to launch the new xbox 360.

    I wonder how many other xboxes around the world are about to give up the ghost.

  2. Back to fargin’ Amazon… they just do the most incredibly stupid stuff sometimes. I had saved a number of items in my shopping basket, to buy later, as I had quite a few books to read at the moment. A couple of weeks later, I checked back into my account, to discover that they had raised the prices on a few of the items (or more precisely, removed discounts), in one case, quite a substantial amount. Not only is this very irritating, but it’s also a missed sales opportunity: if they had emailed me to say “the discount on the following saved items will expire in three days” I probably would have bought some of them; I definitely didn’t buy them after the price went up. Dense.

  3. David

    After getting absolutely no joy from CS I cancelled.

    Looks like a midnight trip to Tesco. :-(

  4. That’s pathetic, it really is. Sorry for your loss etc etc etc.

  5. David

    Unfortunately Joystiq has put up a big thing to tell people that tesco are stocking them. So much for no queues.