That voodoo that you (didn’t) do

Writing in today’s Guardian, Tim Dowling sums up the rather pathetic story of the window fitter who’s reported a duff witch doctor to trading standards. As the Daily Record reports:

A JILTED boyfriend has reported a witchdoctor to trading standards after he failed to conjure up a reunion with his lover.

Window fitter Kevin Bird, 46, says he was duped out of £1500 by African “psychic” Mansor Barry after visiting him five times in just over a month.

Kevin was also told to hand over underwear and a urine sample to help him contact spirits – but he remained single.

Now trading standards have been called in to investigate.

Kevin said: “This man is preying on vulnerable people.

“I want others to know what I’ve been through so they don’t make the same foolish mistake.”

As Dowling points out:

Like anyone who makes a purchase in the Alternative aisle of a supermarket, Bird entered into a contract whereby he agreed to believe in something that was patently bollocks.





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  1. This and the court case in France I blogged about. Are we seeing the start of the legalistic backlash against new-age bollocks?

  2. Sadly I doubt it. Surely witch-doctor stuff comes under religion rather than products and services?

  3. I’m glad this story was printed as I could easily have fallen for the same convincing sales pitch as this chap! It’s a disgusting abuse of the trust that we all place in “African Psychic Witchdoctors”. He should be struck off by the GWC.

    I have some questions about this story as I am too lazy to click on the link to Gary’s favourite “newspaper” the Daily Gramaphone:

    Do Window Fitters not get to sleep with everyone elses “misses” when the “hubby” is at work? Or did I learn my sexual etiquette in the Sun or Fiesta (does that still exist in the days of the world wide wibble?).

    Also if he did get her back through the use of Witchcraft, would this be considered to be her consenting to his advances by the law of the land?

    Clearly his urine sample wasn’t fresh enough. In additon I would like to know was it his or her urine, and if hers how did he get it?

    I must appologise for the “earthy” nature of these comments however this story is pish!

  4. Been on the sherry again, Russ? :)

  5. nah, just in a sort of “different” mood. I can feel the creative juices flowing, which is why I am posting on here and not up to my ears in spreadsheets, and technical specs with work :)