My Morphy Richards coffee machine is a goddamn piece of crap

Back in June, I blogged about my coffee machine death toll: I’d killed three coffee makers in 2005, and didn’t hold out much hope for the fourth one. Sure enough, it burned out today – the same fault that knackered the last three. It’s clearly a design fault, but this time I will win because I have the receipt. Or at least, I think I have. It’s definitely somewhere. I think.





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  1. One of the advantages of being in the Church of Later Day Saints (“Mormons”) is that you never suffer from a broken coffee machine. (I have heard)

    As for Morphy Richards, even the name sounds like a fake day time live studio audience confession show where issues such as “I left my husband for a Lesbian Night Elf Lapdancer” are discussed. You should purchase something with a reliable, trustworthy name like “Russell Hobbs” or anything else with Russell in the name.

    Finally on the coffee machine have you tried throwing it from an upstairs window onto the road.

    I drink tea to avoid these problems :)

    I hope these suggestions have both been useful and have made you feel better. If this is not the case then “oh”.

  2. Derek

    You don’t necessarily need the receipt Gary. I’m pretty sure you just need “proof of purchase”. If you used a debit or credit card to buy the coffee machine, then the transaction on your statement is enough for proof of purchase.

    I once had such an argument with a salesman in the Carphone Warehouse who seemed to think he was above the law and that I needed a receipt.

  3. good point, proof of purchase is the usual requirement.

    These Carphone Warehouse guys are very clever though I must admit :)


  5. Neither receipt nor proof of purchase – i prefer paying cash to credit cards. So I bought a new one – a kenwood, this time – and grudgingly paid the extra tenner for 3-year cover. The documents for which I’ll try not to lose this time.

    The kenwood’s great – the coffee’s like a cross between tar and acid. That’s a Good Thing.

  6. David

    If this is a design fault then you shouldn’t need to invoke the insurance. Trading standards and all that.

  7. If it happens with coffee machines made by lots of different manufacturers, you’d have a tough time proving design fault over wear and tear.

    Interestingly, under Scottish law, a reliable witness may be used to establish proof of purchase, and your spouse counts as a reliable witness. I very much doubt that anyone would ever win that point, but it might be fun trying.