Various newspapers – the Daily Mail, the Sun and so on – are describing the latest iPod as a “must-have”. This really bugs me: it’s nice, sure, and if you don’t have a portable music player then it should definitely be on your shopping list (assuming you actually want a portable music player, of course). But the phrase itself gets on my nerves and turns me into a pale imitation of the narrator from Fight Club.

A quick news search uncovers the following must-haves:

The new iPod
Sony’s PSP
The Dremel Pumpkin Carving Kit
The latest version of Skype
Sheepskin Ugg boots
Donna Karan handbag
Vintage posters
Smaller cabinets for Plasma TVs
A chaise longue
A mobile phone
The Girl Krisis Kit (a handbag organiser)
A document shredder
An Apple computer
Nutrients for healthy hair
Aromatherapy gift sets
A Subaru Impreza WRX
The American Pie Trilogy box-set
A home CCTV system
A sparkly watch
Harry Potter toys
A copy of a Caravaggio painting
Food, shelter and good health

I made that last one up.