Various newspapers – the Daily Mail, the Sun and so on – are describing the latest iPod as a “must-have”. This really bugs me: it’s nice, sure, and if you don’t have a portable music player then it should definitely be on your shopping list (assuming you actually want a portable music player, of course). But the phrase itself gets on my nerves and turns me into a pale imitation of the narrator from Fight Club.

A quick news search uncovers the following must-haves:

The new iPod
Sony’s PSP
The Dremel Pumpkin Carving Kit
The latest version of Skype
Sheepskin Ugg boots
Donna Karan handbag
Vintage posters
Smaller cabinets for Plasma TVs
A chaise longue
A mobile phone
The Girl Krisis Kit (a handbag organiser)
A document shredder
An Apple computer
Nutrients for healthy hair
Aromatherapy gift sets
A Subaru Impreza WRX
The American Pie Trilogy box-set
A home CCTV system
A sparkly watch
Harry Potter toys
A copy of a Caravaggio painting
Food, shelter and good health

I made that last one up.

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I’ve spent the last few weeks in the belief that the Sony v800i was a ‘must-have’. I then saw what it cost to buy one without at a contract and decided it might not be. (Not properly mac compatible either.)

When are they gonna stick an FM tuner, and mic into the iPod?

Christmas present, apparently. Instead of an Xbox 360, you give the kids a certificate proving that you’ve sponsored a goat on their behalf. Imagine their delight!

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