Jack Thompson bad, Penny Arcade good

There’s a fantastic drama taking place in the world of gaming: outspoken lawyer Jack Thompson, arch-enemy of Grand Theft Auto creators Rockstar games, challenged the gaming community to build a rather sick game where the targets would be games developers. He promised to give $10,000 to charity if the game ever appeared. Naturally enough, the gaming community created the game (or rather, lots of games – there’s already several versions out there).

The mod by Old Grandma Hardcore is inspired.

It’s a mod for the PC version of San Andreas which lets you take on the role of Thompson himself “As he lives through an insane weekend which changes his life,” according to the authors.

After receiving a series of mysterious phone calls, Jack falls under a hypnotic spell and transforms into his criminal vigilante alter-ego, Banman, who goes on to “Commit violent acts in the name of Thompson’s morality” – such as destroying trucks trying to deliver copies of Rockstar’s Bully to stores.

He also embarks on a mission to catch Entertainment Software Association president Doug Lowenstein in the act of exchanging filthy Sims pics with a hacker – and subsequently hosts a press conference, where you get to choose Jack’s comments. Around 85 per cent of them are things he’s actually said in real life.

Thompson’s reaction? He’s miffed, and now claims his promise to give cash to charity was part of a complex Swiftian satire, or something. So Penny Arcade has donated the same sum to charity instead.