Could it be true?

Could Duke Nukem Forever, the longest-delayed game in the history of gaming, actually be due for release Real Soon Now? The Inquirer reckons so: Amazon is listing it with a December release date.





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  1. gusto

    WTF Man says don’t pre-order it.

    Although he does conclude with this piece of journalistic excellence:

    “You just never know as everything is possible but highly unlikely.”

  2. I’m going to use that as my motto.

  3. The worst thing about being cynical is being right. That’s my motto. But you knew that.

  4. gusto

    Here is the same writer, this time on Windows Vista. The guy’s a legend :)

    “After Beta 2 there is always Beta 3, possibly even a couple of Release candidates and it will sure take times to get the final retail product. Well, Windows XP with Service pack 2 is not bad at all at least when it comes to gaming and word processing.”