Anyone know a reliable and fast DNS server?

Gaaah. 8MB broadband is all well and good, but if your ISP’s DNS servers are a goddamn pile of crap (as Bulldog’s seem to be) then you’ll quickly get sick of page delays. Anyone know of a decent alternative DNS I could use? I was using BT’s ones but they’re slow as crap too. Gaaaah, again.

4 thoughts on “Anyone know a reliable and fast DNS server?

  1. Stephen says:

    I’ve had quite a few dns problems myself… have been considering running BIND as it’s builtin but apparently it’s a bit more difficult to activate in Tiger than it was in Jaguar, so a bit scared to do it… it’s not like Tiger hasn’t given me enough problems already…

  2. Gary says:

    > Turns out it wasn’t the DNS servers at all, but that my wireless AP was dropping packets.

    I’m pretty sure it isn’t the router – the problem started when I switched ISPs – but I’ll double-check anyway. Thanks.

    > If it is the DNS servers, try this

    Brilliant. Ta.

  3. Russ says:

    I recently installed bulldog “8Mb” forgetting that the once great company is now a part of Clueless and Wittless.

    I suffered from random disconnnections, poor throughput, and the most hideously poor voice quality imaginable (they run VoIP on their supposed POTS service apparently without QoS (they told me)).

    Anyway my wife found the phone unworkable so I cancelled the POS.

    Luckily I had been smart enough to dual run with Blueyonder who I’m sticking with and am now due to get upgraded to 10Mb, sweet gaming heaven :)

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