Vicarious PSP joy

The Sony PSP finally goes on sale in the UK today, and I really, really want one. Unfortunately I can’t afford one, and even if I could I’m pretty sure my wife would put me in hospital if I bought one. So it looks like I’ll have to get my gadget joy vicariously by asking others about it. Anybody bought one, or planning to?





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  1. David

    The xbox is higher on my list of priorities. Unfortunately for me – Ruth believes things like solicitors fees, fixing my car, buying furniture and appliances and the like are more important.

    She doesn’t understand. :-(

    The PSP looks nice and would be quite groovy but I am 100% sure that after about a month I would never use it again.

  2. A couple of months ago, after seeing a kid in Borders with one, and another bloke on the train with one, I nearly bought one of the “grey market” ones. But as one always takes a bit of a risk with these things, and as it was quite a lot of money, I decided not to.

    Now that Sony have finally deigned to let us give them our cash I find I’m thinking (a) fuck you, Sony and (b) yes, it’s a really cool toy, but do I really want to watch DVDs or play games on the train when I already find my train time insufficient to do all the reading and iPod listening I would like to do.

    I also think the advertising is the most stupid campaign since the original 3 one (with the current 3 campaign a very close contender).

  3. gusto

    I’ve just got back from IFA and I played with one there for a while — they are really, really nice. But like David, I know I’d buy it, play it for a day or two then never use it again — either because I’m too lazy to recharge it or because getting mugged for it on the train doesn’t really appeal. I also don’t travel enough to need one, but I might just buy one anyway. Heh :)

    On a side note, if you fancy a weekend away, go to Berlin. It’s a great city.

  4. One of my colleagues has had one for months now. Two things about it I can’t believe: you can’t attach it to a separate monitor — why the hell not? — and you can’t plug in a separate controller, so when any of the built-in buttons gets a bit worn out, the whole machine’s fucked. Those two very simple little things would have put the machine into a whole different league.

  5. The Kids seem to want it, judging by the number of pissed-off parents traipsing around retail parks over the weekend.