The best (mac) things in life are free

Once again I’m buried under deadline mountain, so while I’m feeling opinionated about all kinds of things I’m far too busy to scribble about any of it. In the meantime, here’s a great wee site for Mac owners:


As the name suggests it’s a collection of links to good Mac freeware programs, and while many of them will be familiar to power users there are some real gems there.

On a related note, the LiveQuartz Image Editor leverages Tiger’s Core Image effects to provide quick and handy image editing, while SeaShore is a brilliant, open-source image editor for Cocoa. It’s based on The GIMP, the much-loved open source graphics program.





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  1. Ah, the GIMP, whose users are the bane of Photoshop users everywhere. I hope SeaShore doesn’t provoke a similar cadre of clueless Mac users wondering why anyone would be dumb enough to pay hundreds of quid for Photoshop “when you can get something just as good for free”. As if.

  2. That FreeMacWare site is pretty good though, thanks.

  3. The thing that always put me off about The Gimp was the UI, because the program itself is pretty nifty. There’s an OS X skin that makes it look this >< close to photoshop, at least in terms of menus, and that makes the program much nicer. As ever I can't remember what it's called or where to find it :) Have a go at SeaShore and see what you think. It isn't intended to be a photoshop rival; rather, it's a collection of tools the author reckons come in handy.

  4. gusto

    I can’t seem to get any of those programs to run on my Dell laptop. What is wrong with them?

  5. Some jokes never get old. We’ll still be making these cracks when the computers are implanted in our brains, you realise.