Nano, nano

As expected, Apple unveiled the rather ugly iTunes phone in association with Motorola, but it also junked the iPod Mini in favour of a new, flash-based iPod Nano. As the picture shows, it’s really rather lovely.

For me, though, the best bit of Apple’s announcement was iTunes 5, which finally dumps the horrid brushed metal look in favour of something more refined and pleasant. Here’s the old look:

And here’s the new look:

Here’s hoping the next update of Safari dumps brushed metal from that, too. Brushed metal mings.

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I’ve installed something similar – safari unify – but the results aren’t perfect, particularly when you start opening loads of tabs. Firefox looks nicer :)

Hmmm I prefer the brushed metal. However it doesn’t look too bad alongside my fake-Redhat-look XP (bluecurve theme).

As for the Nano, I am sitting here looking at my underused iPod and shuffle and am possessed with the urge to buy them a friend. Muhahahaha, I have no kidz :)

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