Christmas is coming a bit more quickly than I’d like

My local supermarket has put out its Christmas stock. On the one hand I’m appalled: it’s still September, for Christ’s sake!

On the other hand… MINCE PIES!





0 responses to “Christmas is coming a bit more quickly than I’d like”

  1. But we haven’t even had Hallowe’en yet!

  2. gusto

    And parsnips :) Although maybe that’s a seasonal thing rather than a Christmas thing.

  3. Yeah, that’s seasonal. I hate parsnips. They’re evil.

  4. gusto

    I forgot you don’t eat vegetables. Weirdo.

  5. Vegetables are for girls.

  6. And girls are for vegetables. So everyone’s happy.

    This is much how I feel about hot cross buns. That they make me forgive shops for doing Easter too early, not that they’re for girls. Obviously they’re not for girls. That would be silly.