Please excuse the dust

I decided to try and fix the blog design, which wasn’t working properly in Internet Explorer. As ever I’ve probably made a right arse of things so if anyone passing is running IE, could you let me know if the page displays properly? Ta.

Update, Saturday morning

I think I’ve fixed all the major problems. Fingers crossed.





0 responses to “Please excuse the dust”

  1. Gaaah, the formatting’s goosed in the sidebar. I’ll fix it later, honest.

  2. Fixed… permalink pages are still goosed though…

  3. Looks the same under IE 6.0 as under Firefox on my work PC (Win2k Pro). I have a 5.5 install at home, I think, although it may be best to give up on 5.x at this stage, I know I have!

    Looks very nice, by the way, very much where my current design aesthetic is leading me…

  4. Don’t know about IE, but the design is ver’ nice.

  5. Thanks folks. I think I’ve fixed the permalink problem now too, although I need to tweak some things here and there.

    > the design is ver’ nice.

    It is, isn’t it? It’s a port of a Movable Type or WordPress (can’t remember which) template called Kubrick, with some very minimal tweaking to the typography. Seems to load much faster too, which is a bonus.

  6. Hi Gary, checking it at home on my Mac under Firefox…

    the white background runs out too early, it only seems to go down as far as the sidebar, not the main content…

    Font size is a bit big on the Mac too.

    Otherwise still looks good.

  7. Bloody Mac users.

  8. Should be fixed now, although I might bring down the font sizes. Not sure yet.

  9. Death to the font sizes!

  10. You’re a bit of a typography fundamentalist, aren’t you?

  11. gusto

    You’ve got some weird line breaks going on on your front page (, btw (Windows 2000, IE 6 and Firefox).

  12. Thanks. That’ll teach me to cut and paste without checking.