Physician, heal thyself

Or rather, tech expert! Fix yer PC!

I know it’s inviting hubris but… some tech hack or tech PR who has my details in their address book has got the W32/Netsky-D virus, which is sending out virus-laden emails using forged “from:” addresses. As a result I’m being inundated with “undeliverable” returned mails from various media firms’ anti-virus systems (News International, Sky, etc etc etc). Given the industry the culprit works in, this really shouldn’t be happening.

One reply on “Physician, heal thyself”

That is so annoying. About a year ago someone with my details on their computer got said virus, as a result I got at least two or three copies of the virus emailed to me every day for months. Always “from” someone different, of course.

Given the industry your cuprit works in, it’s more like the cobbler’s children; his computer has no shoes and has to hobble around on the broken glass barefoot.

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