Mighty Mouse is here to save the day

Apple’s latest product made me laugh: Mighty Mouse! Brilliant name and quite an inspired design, with a 360-degree scroll ball instead of the traditional scroll wheel, and four programmable buttons. £35 from the Apple Store.

(still on a bloody modem, hence lack of blogging)





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  1. Bugger, I walked past the Apple Store in Regent Street yesterday, but decided I was too tired (and too poor!) to go in, so went straight home instead. (Due to previously mentioned problems with couriers I no longer buy stuff online if it doesn’t come Royal Mail, and from memory Apple stuff doesn’t).

  2. Was wondering when Apple would make a decent mouse. Will see how it works (sceptical of “no-moving-parts” buttons, I must say; I like to rest my fingers on the buttons, not keen on hovering my fingers endlessly when not clicking).

    One thing that annoys me, as a Powerbook owner: all the peripherals (keyboards, mice) are white. (I suppose it would annoy me as a G5 owner too, come to think of it.) Yes, I know aluminium is a supremely impractical thing to make mice and keyboards out of. No, I don’t care; that’s what Apple is supposed to sort out: they made the design choices, they sort out the resulting issues. (Anyway, the actual keyboard on my PB is obviously not aluminium; what would be so hard about making the external keyboards out of the same stuff?)

    Of course, since you’ve abandoned Apple and gone over to the Dell side, what do you care? I should go rant somewhere else… ;-)

  3. Pfft. The dell’s for software reviewing and for my better half to surf the web, sir. All the grown-up stuff gets done on the powerbook (and most of the immature stuff, too).

    Tangent: I think I need a new keyboard. The letters are starting to disappear from this one. Typical, just as a keyboard gets comfy… what I’d really like Apple to do is to make an external keyboard with the same keys as my PB. That’d be fantastic – the PB’s got a great keyboard but it’s an ergonomic nightmare to use a laptop for any period of time.

  4. Still prefer a pen and tablet myself.

  5. S2, you use a pen and tablet all the time? How do you right-click (or left-click, for that matter)?

  6. Don’t most tablet styluses have twin buttons these days, and a clickable nib?

  7. David

    I stopped eating tablet a few years ago.

  8. Yeah, the pen has a button on it, and the nib reacts to pressure, so you can click and double-click and drag and drop just as if you’re writing loads of full stops and squiggly lines. It’s brilliant for mixing desk interfaces, actually. And, of course, it’s very good for creating graphics like this.

    Haven’t got it plugged in at the moment, mind.