Did the net bring you together?

I know it’s a long shot, but do any of you know a couple or couples who met online? I’m not looking for people who met via online dating, but people whose eyes met over a crowded deathmatch, or during a vicious flame war, or while they blethered on in chat rooms. It’s for a feature I’m doing – I need a few case studies. Cheery ones, rather than “I flew to America and he had his mum’s body in the basement” ones, heh…





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  1. Passing this onto a now happily married couple I know.

  2. You’re a star. Thanks.

  3. Yes, I do too! I shall refer her to you!

  4. I do too. They met in an aol chat room, were together for about 6 years then split up. They’re still friends though. You want their input?

  5. Yes please. I’m away for a few days but I’m hoping to contact everyone on Monday.

    Thanks, everyone :)

  6. gusto

    Try a post at FARK, too — I’m pretty sure there are a few couples who met (and post) there.

  7. Gusto, do you have a TF membership perchance?

  8. gusto

    Nope, but you can just submit a story (with a link to a page supplying more info, your contact details, etc.) and although it won’t make the front page it will be seen by TFers. If you’re unsure, you could always drop Drew an email and check he’s cool with it — I’m sure he will be.

  9. So, is this piece taking a differnet turn? “There’s tons of anecdotal evidence, but no-one wants to talk about it as if it’s shameful”?

  10. Heh. Not at all… thanks for passing the info on to your friends, they’ve been in touch :)

  11. Ah, that’s good. Good people. Probably a fine example for you too (in many ways)