Banning clerics who preach hatred

I was in Northern Ireland at the weekend, and as ever I skimmed through the local papers to see the news that doesn’t get reported over here. A man was shot in the chest as part of a feud between protestant paramilitaries. A fairly hefty bomb was defused in Belfast. A couple of riots, not many injured. And so on.

I doubt it made the mainland editions, but in one of the Irish editions of the sunday newspapers a columnist made a good point: not all the clerics who preach hatred are based in London, or have brown skin.





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  1. In other words, an average couple of days news.
    I spent 3 years living in Belfast not that long ago, and my partner was brought up there.

    It defies belief the hatred clerics and politicians are allowed to utter with impunity. Even religious education teachers in the schools – if they attempted to say some of the stuff I’ve heard over here they would end up in jail.

    Having said that, I love the place, but Scotland is home.

  2. Yeah, I’m the same – despite all the crap, Northern Ireland’s a fantastic place. Mind you, if you’re in the highlands you’re in a fantastic place too :)