The world is collapsing around our ears, I turned on the radio

If you’ve nothing to hide you’ve nothing to fear i don’t mind after all if it stops the terrorists i’m sure the people who’ve been talking about ID cards would change their tune if it had been their families blown up yes i’d have an implant under my skin what we need to do is send the immigrants back we’re letting in thousands of terrorists i read it in the paper well no i don’t know if it’s true but that’s not my point the thing is it’s all very well to talk about civil liberties and human rights but what about my right not to be blown up by terrorists eh eh what do you say to that then well yes I suppose it’s possible that the bombers were here legally but we’ve let in thousands of people and it’s not good is it this is a direct result of the iraq war bush and blair have blood on their hands of course i don’t mind they can listen in to my calls i’m not doing anything i shouldn’t be doing ha ha ha