“Oops am I not being politically correct? Shame.”

As the Live8 concerts draw to a close, Adam emails me to object about a review of No Logo I wrote back in 2000. He says:

Just read the article you wrote on No Logo and you need to get in the real world.

These people in the sweat shops should all bow down and thank Nike for giving them jobs, as nobody else is doing that in the East.

Im a 23 yr old entrepreneur and i pay my staff the LEAST i possibly can – because thats business – it means higher profits and ultimately more money in my back pocket. I would also NEVER employ a woman under 45 yrs old as she will get pregnant and id have to pay maternity – oops am i not being politically correct? Shame.

You really, really, really need to burst your bubble and get in the real world. The world owes NOBODY a living – me, you or the people who work in sweat shops. Lifes a bitch, lifes not fair and it never will be – get over it and get used to it.

Also, God bless McDonalds for helping me with my university dissertation 2 years ago. They couldnt have been more helpful with the UK sponsorship manager giving me 2 hours of his time for an interview. I hope they continue to go from strengh to strengh.

Finally, i had to read shit like No Logo in university on my business degree. Amazing how it brainwashes business students (of all people!) into becoming liberals, instead of hardline Conservative Capitalists like myself. They should be giving us books to read about how people such as Mr. Gates, Mr. Dell, Mr. Branson, Sir Alan Sugar and Mr. Abramovich made their billions. The latter is a genius, a true opportunist who took advantage of the political climate in Mother Russia – look at him now.