I ordered a new fridge a few weeks ago, and the courier called me to arrange delivery. Would I be in on the 18th of July? Yes! Did the fridge turn up? No! So I called the courier, who checked the records and informed me that it was a delivery *week commencing* the 18th. Would I be in on Friday? Erm…

Me: I’ll be in all day, but I need to go to a hospital appointment in the afternoon. Would a morning drop be possible?
Courier: We won’t know that until Friday.
Me: Can you give me an idea of the delivery time at all?
Courier: Sorry, no.
Me: Okay, then. Is there any way you can contact me to let me know when he’s on his way?
Courier: Yes. The driver can call you on Friday morning.
Me: That’d be great. Can I check you’ve got my mobile number?
Courier: [writes down mobile number]
Me: You’ll need to use that number. My new phone line hasn’t been installed yet.
Courier: No problem. The driver will call your mobile on Friday.
Me: Great, because I’ll be out from 2pm. If he lets me know when he expects to arrive, I can make sure someone’s here.
Courier: No problem.

No call on Friday. Called the courier at 5pm.

Me: Hi, I was expecting a delivery today?
Courier: We tried to deliver.
Me: When? There’s no card or anything here, and nobody called.
Courier: 2.02pm.
Me: Oh, for crying out loud. Can we rebook the delivery?
Courier: You’ll have to call back on Monday.

Called back on Monday.

Courier: We tried to deliver on Friday.
Me: I know. The driver was supposed to call.
Courier: The driver did call. You didn’t answer.
Me: The driver didn’t call. My phone was on from 6am.
Courier: Well, we called XXXX XXXX XXXX.
Me: That isn’t my phone number. I gave you my mobile number.
Courier: No you didn’t.
Me: Yes I did.
Courier: Well, we don’t have it on file.
Me: Can you take a note of it now?
Courier: There’s not much point.
Me: Why not?
Courier: We can’t redeliver.
Me: What?
Courier: We tried to deliver and there was nobody there, and nobody answered the phone. So it’s going back to England for a credit.
Me: Nobody answered the phone because the bloody phone line hasn’t been fitted yet. I told you all of this last week.
Courier: No you didn’t.
Me: Yes I bloody well did!
Courier: Well, I can’t help. It’s going back to England.
Me: Let me get this straight. I called to let you know my mobile, and nobody bothered to write it down. Your driver then called a number that isn’t mine, and which I never gave you, and decided to deliver the fridge at a time when you already knew I wouldn’t be there. And because of this you’ve decided I don’t exist, and you’re sending my fridge back to England?
Courier: Well… yes.

*call ends in a flurry of expletives*

I spoke to head office, who promised me that there’ll be a delivery this Friday. I’m not holding my breath.

Then there’s the broadband, the plastering, the missing DVD player…

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I’ve given up on buying stuff over the Internet that isn’t delivered by Royal Mail. It’s just an exercise in frustration. I recently downloaded an accounting package, which worked for a thirty-day trial period: I then presumed I could buy it online and get the registration code to unlock it. Nooooo: I had to buy it on CD. Cue endless fun with “we tried to deliver” cards, clueless delivery people etc. Thank goodness the company sent the registration key separately, by ordinary letter. I let the CD go back to them; when they phoned to “arrange another delivery” I told them to keep it!

It’s ridiculous. The Royal Mail are an appalling shower of farts who have the utmost contempt for their customers, but they are the UK’s best delivery service.

I feel your pain….
Today is a shitty day for me because I’ve spent over three hours on the phone screaming at the courier company’s customer service people.

I was supposed to receive my mondem three days ago. It didn’t turn up. So I rebooked three times, and the drivers simply didn’t show. No card, no call, no evidence that he visited. The worst thing is when I called the courier company about the non-delivery, they couldn’t even get hold of their courier by mobile phone.

These people shouldn’t be in business in the first place.
The only way to get their act together is keep calling – these companies only take you seriously when you take up too much of their resources ie customer service time to handle your complaint.

I think you’re right about wearing them down with constant calling, but it’s a shame that we have to do such things. I think some of the price checking engines have the right idea: in addition to showing the prices for particular things, they give you star ratings for each retailer. Unfortunately such ratings aren’t based on a lot of people’s views, for now at least.

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