Scotland bans cheap booze in supermarkets

For crying out loud.

DEALS and offers on alcohol sold in supermarkets and off-licences will be banned after new licensing laws were given the go-ahead.

The Scottish Parliment has unanimously backed the move which will end certain types of promotions ahead of a drinks law shake-up.

Ministers had already announced constraints for drink promotions in pubs and clubs, but deputy finance and public services minister Tavish Scott said the Licensing (Scotland) Bill would be amended to cover off-sales.





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  1. david

    Living in england has its upsides.

  2. Does this legislation surprise anyone?

  3. Of course, if you’re on an MSP’s salary, this isn’t a problem.

  4. Surprise? No. It falls into the same category as banks being bastards: inevitable but irritating nevertheless.

    It’s just part of the endless nannyism of our semi-elected leaders, who can’t see anything without wanting to meddle in it. And they don’t give a toss if such meddling exceeds their powers, either – check out McConnell’s plans to ban airguns despite, er, it being sod-all to do with the Executive.

    > Of course, if you’re on an MSP’s salary, this isn’t a problem.

    I’d be more impressed if they turned their attention to super-pubs rather than Tesco.

  5. How does this work? At least with the happy hour thing it was pretty straight forward. (And, the chains juat made their drinks cheap all the time.)

    But, what kindo of thing are they talking about here? Bogof? Crate discounts? 50% Free on White Lightning (better not)? Surely Tesco et al will just sell stuff slightly cheaper all the time?

  6. Oh, and it’s nothing to do with ‘nannyism’. It’s just the a cheap knee jerk reaction some perceived threat from hords of drunken neds sweeping majextically across the estates.

  7. No, it’s nannyism too. The Exec’s war on binge drinking is partly due to their guesstimate that it costs us £1bn per year in health costs, sick days and lost productivity.

  8. Pah! Tosh.

    We had a by-election for the local council last week. In the run up, I received a letter from my non-list MSP, Cathie Craigie. It informed me that she had noted my concerns and that the Braehead Road shop had been brought to her attention beforehand. Waffled on about ASBOs fora bit and assured me that he Labour Party were fighting the good fight.

    Of course, I’d never written to her about this shop and in fact I’ve never seen anyone hanging about outside it, it’s quite a quiet street. (When I did write to her I got a leatter noting my comments about streetlighting – I, of course, hadn’t written about streetlighting.)

    The Labour Party literature for the entire campaign centred on anything to play on the ‘tough on neds’ image. It was quite sickening. Needless to say, the SNP bloke that’s actually been involved in most of the local issues over the last few years polled three times the labour vote.

    I also got a letter from the Labour candidate thanking me for talking to his canvassers and thanking me for guaranteeing him my vote. I really couldn’t work out if this was a strategy, tell enough people they promised to… Anyhoo, strong emailing followed.

  9. BTW, the “tosh” refers to the billion binge figure. My following points were just an illustration not an arguement against your opinion.