The portable, skinnable 9p PDA

Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of running around, and I’ve had to carry a fair bit of information – figures, addresses, maps etc – around with me. My smartphone isn’t really up to the job, especially when I want to scribble a quick note or give someone directions, so it’s with a certain amount of delight that I’ve discovered the portable, skinnable 9p PDA. It’s only digital in the sense that you hold it in your digits when you use it; it’s a memo pad from Asda that did indeed cost 9p. I bought a whole bunch of them the other week and I’m already wondering how I managed without them.

It’s reminded me of something that tech journalists shouldn’t forget: sometimes a 9p book of lined paper is more useful than a £400 digital gizmo.

Of course, if you’re a show-off you could always use the Hipster PDA instead.