Slowly Downward

Stanley Donwood is the man responsible for Radiohead’s iconic artwork, and he’s just updated his own web site. In addition to things you can buy, there’s also an extensive collection of little stories and paragraphs, some of which are rather disturbing.

This is “Another Story about Vampires”:

There are a lot of good things about being a vampire, but morally it’s fairly indefensible. I like to think that I’m quite a reasonable sort of person. Like most people, I’ve done plenty of things that I’m not too proud of, and a few that I really regret. You might find it tricky to believe, but there are a fair number of people around who are attracted to vampires and vampirism as a sort of lifestyle thing, and a larger number who just don’t mind dying.

Mostly, I put adverts in the personal columns, and when we meet I go to considerable lengths to explain the options and what they entail. If they’re not completely into the idea, we part company there and then. Well, usually, anyway. As I say, I’m not proud of everything I’ve done. Sometimes things just get out of hand.

I love this stuff.