Queasy Tiger

I upgraded to Apple’s Tiger operating system a few weeks ago, and while there are some fun things in it – Spotlight, the new QuickTime player and a slight performance boost – I can’t say the experience has been particularly positive. I’ve found Automator almost unusable, Safari even more crash-prone than it used to be, and I’ve found a few ongoing irritations: for example, when you drag folders to the Finder sidebar, they’ve disappeared from the sidebar the next time you log in; waking the Powerbook from sleep kills the internet connection nine times out of ten; dashboard widgets aren’t as flexible as Konfabulator (unless you download the Amnesty program, which itself is a bit buggy), and so on.

Some of the problems are no doubt because I did an upgrade rather than a clean install, but my entire life is on this Powerbook and I really don’t have the time to strip down the system and start from scratch. And anyway, aren’t full OS reinstalls something you do on Windows, rather than on the Mac?

There’s not really any point to this post. I just fancied a whinge.

[Update, 31 May] If you’ve come here from MacSurfer, welcome. I’m not entirely sure why my whinge has been picked up by the site, but it shows how good MacSurfer is at finding every concievable Mac-related item on them thar interwebs…