PETA: People Euthanising Thousands of Animals

There’s a fascinating discussion on MetaFilter about PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and a critical site, PETA kills animals. The latter attempts to expose the fact that PETA kills thousands of stray animals each year, but the Mefites quickly uncovered the PETA critics’ rather shady origins.

It’s a great example of why I love the net: an interesting story pops up, then the internet community makes it more interesting. And then, of course, it becomes a big fight.





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  1. I thought it stood for People Eating Tasty Animals?

    I mean, if God didn’t want us to eat them, why did He make them out of meat?

  2. There is, of course, a site with that very name. If I remember correctly, PETA tried unsuccessfully to get it shut down.