Now I really want an Xbox 360

The MTV launch was pretty pathetic, but Tom’s Hardware has a proper, grown-up look at the next Xbox. The media center features aren’t as comprehensive as I’d have liked, but there’s some smart thinking about digital cameras and portable music players.





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  1. David

    >>PS3 to be unveiled next week at E3, no doubt

    Yup – that’s what prompted MS to do the MTV thing yesterday. MS scheduled the launch for the afternoon of the first day so Sony scheduled the PS3 one for a few hours earlier (and rumours abounded that they were intending to run over)

    To be honest, as a bit of an xbox fanboy, the PS3 is going to be technically better. Especially if it is backwards compatible and the xbox isn’t. The advantage MS have is the xbox is on worldwide release before christmas and the ps3 looks like it’s not until at least spring.

  2. David

    Don’t go to the website (unless you want a picture) cos there is sod all else there.

    Backwards compatibility will be announced/denounced at E3 next week.

    Still don’t reckon I can persuade me other half to let me get one.

  3. Tell her it’s a kettle.

  4. Awww…. now I want one too!

    Started playing Halo2 this week, not so sure what I think of it yet.

  5. David

    I think that it comes out in november is a good thing. Your birthday for you and xmas for me. ;-)

  6. Microsoft loves us.

  7. gusto

    Microsoft loves you all!

    PS3 to be unveiled next week at E3, no doubt.