Frog rage

God bless the BBC. No, not because of its internet activities, or its tendency to give me cash for the odd radio appearance: because it’s ad-free, it’s currently the only UK broadcaster that isn’t bombarding everyone with Crazy Fucking Frog all the time (although that may change: if the Crazy Frog single charts, which it no doubt will, then they’ll play it on their music shows).

Seriously, this is getting silly: Jamster’s buying up ad time at an incredible rate, with the result that the ad’s on twice in the same commercial break. Channel-hopping on satellite is already pretty much impossible – in one channel hop the other night I had to skip the ad eleven times – and now the bloody thing’s on terrestrial channels too. Once the single comes out (Monday?) then you can add radio, shops and idiots’ cars to the mix.

Naturally there’s a huge online petition about it already, and while many of the posts are taking the mick – one person talks about ripping out their own pancreas and stuffing their ears with it – there’s genuine anger there too. All joking aside, how long before the first cases of “frog rage” pop up in the press?