Facing up to your own mortality

Today was a sad day. The barber looked at my eyebrows and said, “would you like me to give them a trim”? I’m now officially old :(





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  1. Nah, just proper ‘grown up’. I couldn’t walk straight a few weeks ago from a hair in my line of vision distracting me. So, in the pub bog, I plucked the bugger out. I now regard myself as metrosexual. The power of positive thinking…

  2. The worst ones are nose hairs, each of which is connected to the base of your spine or sometimes, your big toe.


    The cruel irony of all this, of course, is that eyebrows etc only really go crazy when the hair on the top of your head is really receding. Proof that if there is a god, he’s sick.

  3. …just wait a few more years and ear hairs will start to emerge from your auditory canal- just as the hairs in your inner ear start dying…been there, done that…What did you say?

  4. david

    You should let your eyebrow hair grow and then do a sort of comb-over thing with your head. ;-)

  5. I’m considering it.

  6. gusto

    I wasn’t even aware that barbers kept strimmers on the premises.

  7. As I grew from childhood to near-adolescence, it was with some relief that I discovered moustaches didn’t actually grow out of your nose. I used to think they were extensions of nose hair, and grew worried in the way that only a child can about being able to breathe when I was old enough to have a moustache.

    The earlier post about the coincidence of sproutings from all over the head with the disappearance of hair from its proper location was spot on. It is the final nail in the coffin of the theistic religions.

  8. … but why do you appear in your photo to have no eyebrows at all? Was this after a visit to an enthusiastic barber?

  9. Heh. They’re just very blond – and lately, they appear to be made of some impossibly strong metal.

  10. david

    >>very blond

    By “blond” read “ginger”.


  11. david

    I shouldn’t really criticise. I’ve just had to shave the top of my back. I have a natural mullet. :-(