Can an Aston Martin turn you into a Tory?

There’s a wonderful article in today’s Guardian based on a recent survey, which suggested that the car you drive reflects your political beliefs. Naturally, the Guardian had to test this theory – so they got Boris Johnson to pootle around in a Kia while Robin Cook wafted around in an Aston Martin. Both men rise to the occasion, and the result is a tongue-in-cheek delight.





0 responses to “Can an Aston Martin turn you into a Tory?”

  1. Boris is a much better writer than Cook.

  2. Oh, definitely. I was in fits.

  3. Can I just point out that I’ve used the word “pootle” in a blog post? I think I deserve kudos for that.

  4. I thought Robin Cook was doing quite well, gently sending up the obsessively PC leftie stereotype… until I realised he was being serious. Sad.