Windows pains: RSI and you

I’ve been talking about RSI on a journalism forum, which is something I’ve written about once or twice. It’s reminded me that I really need to put an article archive together, and it’s something I’ll do when I get time. For now, though, I’ve uploaded a quick and dirty PDF of the RSI feature I wrote for PC Plus last year.

Windows Pains: RSI (130Kb PDF).

If there are any problems with the file, please let me know.





0 responses to “Windows pains: RSI and you”

  1. Derek

    Gary, that article is excellent. Would I be able to pass that onto some people at work, or would that infringe on the copyright?

  2. Gary

    Copy away. That’s why I’ve stuck it up.

  3. Gary

    Actually, while we’re on the subject of copyright: everything on this site is there for people to read, quote, email, whatever. I’ll update the site to put a creative commons licence that makes everything clear.