We’re doomed!

As if we didn’t have enough to worry about, The Guardian lists ten worst-case scenarios ranging from exploding supervolcanoes to hyper-intelligent robots enslaving us all. I love this stuff.





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  1. Isn’t this the sort of thing an enterprising journalist (like yourself) will file away to bring out in 20 years time when we’ve been devastated by a completely different catastrophe, to say ‘see how they had no idea this was coming =- it’s not even on the list!’ (e.g. 9/11, the internet, HIV)?

  2. Derek

    That’s fantastic!

    My personal favourite is No.10 – swallowed up by an artificially-created black hole. I used to study this kind of stuff at uni and I understand why the danger factor is 10. We would stand no chance! Thankfull, the chances of happening are “exceedingly low”.

    I’m sure I read something recently about physicists creating something in a particle collision that closely resembled a black hole, but it only lasted for about one million million million millionths of a second or thereabouts.

  3. Gary

    I suspect that when the world ends, it’ll be because of stupidity rather than nature or evil. So the accidental creation of a black hole that swallows the Earth is the most likely :-)